Securing Tomorrow:

Artificial Intelligence vs Augmented Intelligence

Wednesday, Feb 7, 5:30 - 8:30 pm | Arlington, VA | Live Event

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Celebrating Our Debate Champions

A heartfelt congratulations to all participants for a spirited and enlightening debate.

Champion Team: Artificial Intelligence

Winner 1 Noelle Russell
Winner 2 Maureen "Marty" Fromuth

Most Valuable Debater

MVP Noelle Russell

Debate Runner Ups: Team Augmented Intelligence

Runner-up 1 Kathleen Walch
Runner-up 2 Jacqueline Tame

Our Debaters

Debater 1

Jacqueline Tame

Team Augmented Intelligence

National Security Professional, Founder - GAMECHANGER, GAMEBREAKER.AI

Debater 2

Kathleen Walch

Team Augmented Intelligence

Executive Director - GovFuture, Writer - Forbes, Managing Partner - Cognilytica

Debater 3

Maureen "Marty" Fromuth

Team Artificial Intelligence

Chief of Staff, Legislative Liaison - US Cyber Command

Debater 4

Noelle Russell

Team Artificial Intelligence

Chief AI Officer - AI Leadership Institute, Fifty One AI

Our Judges

Debater 1

David Gagliano

VP - Digital

Debater 3

Dr. Gregory Washington

President - GMU

Debater 3

Dan Woolley

Entreprenuer in Residence

Debater 2

Jennifer Taylor

President/CEO - Northern Virginia Tech Council

Debater 4

Kammy Sanghera

Exec. Director - Institute for Digital Innovation at GMU

Debater 5

Winston Chang

Advisory Board Member - NIST

Our Moderator and Coach


Alexa Tsui

Debate Coach

Aubrey Semple

Debate Coach