Securing Tomorrow:

Artificial Intelligence vs Augmented Intelligence

Wednesday, Feb 7, 5:30 - 8:30 pm | Arlington, VA | Live Event

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Celebrating Our Debate Champions

A heartfelt congratulations to all participants for a spirited and enlightening debate.

Champion Team: Artificial Intelligence

Winner 1 Noelle Russell
Winner 2 Maureen "Marty" Fromuth

Most Valuable Debater

MVP Noelle Russell

Debate Runner Ups: Team Augmented Intelligence

Runner-up 1 Kathleen Walch
Runner-up 2 Jacqueline Tame

Our Debaters

Debater 1

Jacqueline Tame

Team Augmented Intelligence
Debater 2

Kathleen Walch

Team Augmented Intelligence
Debater 3

Maureen "Marty" Fromuth

Team Artificial Intelligence
Debater 4

Noelle Russell

Team Artificial Intelligence

Our Judges

Debater 1

David Gagliano

Debater 3

Dr. Gregory Washington

Debater 3

Dan Woolley

Debater 2

Jennifer Taylor

Debater 4

Kammy Sanghera

Debater 5

Winston Chang

Our Moderator and Coach


Alexa Tsui

Debate Coach

Aubrey Semple

Debate Coach

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Explore Tech Duels: Shaping the Future Together.

Tech Duels, based in Washington, DC, is a dynamic debate series aimed at enriching discussions within the tech community. Our goal is to build brand strength and community unity across the United States, focusing on significant and impactful topics rather than just winning debates.

Tech Duels focuses on key technology topics to spark debate and critical thinking. The series promotes meaningful tech discussions and community building through networking

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  • Boosting Tech Knowledge
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Explore the six pillars that define our commitment to progress, discourse, and innovation in technology. Each card below represents a fundamental aspect of the Tech Duels ethos.


Tech Duels' dynamic debate series connects budding and seasoned engineers with industry thought leaders, fostering the growth of professional networks as well as enhancing communication and public speaking abilities.


Our exclusive series and platform encourage constructive discussions on the tech sector's most pressing issues, adding depth and sophistication to each conversation.


The stimulating debate series enlightens and motivates high school and college students interested in engineering, bolstering their pursuit of STEM education.


Tech Duels is at the forefront of sparking creativity and innovation in the tech arena. Our platform serves as a catalyst for breakthrough ideas and encourages participants to think outside the box, driving the future of technology.


Our debates are more than competitions; they are collaborative events that bring together diverse perspectives. Tech Duels facilitates a unique environment where individuals collaborate, share knowledge, and advance together in the tech.


Tech Duels empowers participants by providing a stage to voice their ideas and solutions to tech challenges. We are committed to elevating voices from various backgrounds, empowering a new generation of tech leaders to make an impact.

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The thought-provoking debate series educate and inspire high school and collegiate-aged aspiring engineers and encourages their path in pursuing STEM education.

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Tech Duels' signature debates unite the local tech scene to engage with the season's hottest tech subjects. These premier events feature networking opportunities, local merchants, and meticulously organized debates judged by select experts. They offer a forum for inquisitive individuals to gather, assess technology's influence on our tomorrow, and forge significant connections in the local tech sphere.

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Thank you Judges!

🌟 A huge round of applause for our incredible debate judges! 👏 Your unwavering expertise, unparalleled insight, and steadfast impartiality illuminated the path to success at our recent Tech Duels event. 🌟

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Thank you Sponsers!

🌟 A heartfelt thank you to our esteemed debate sponsor for making our recent Tech Duels event possible! 🙏

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🥈 Congratulations to Kathleen Walch and Jacqueline Tame from Team Augmented for their outstanding performance as the runner-ups in our recent Tech Duels debate! 🌟 Your dedication and contributions have been truly commendable. Well done! 👏

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